Alton & Four Marks Archers

Club Constitution

  1. The Club shall be known as “ALTON & FOUR MARKS ARCHERS“, herein after called “the Club“.

  2. The Club incorporates Alton & Four Marks Junior Archers, which body exists only for the purpose of affiliation to appropriate organisations but otherwise has no existence separate from the Club.

  3. The aims and objectives of the Club shall be to further and support the sport of Archery.

  4. The Club membership shall affiliate to its parent bodies.

  5. Club membership shall confirm acceptance of this Constitution.

  6. Each paid – up member shall be entitled to speak and vote at any meeting of the Club. Where a motion is subject to a vote, and voting is equal, the motion shall be declared Lost.

  7. An Annual Meeting shall be held no later than the last day of February each year to:

    • Appoint the Club Chairman and members of the Committee.

    • The Committee shall comprise: President ,Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Records Officer, Marketing and Communications Officer, Fixtures Officer, Membership and Equipment Officers, and other members as required.

    • Receive and approve the accounts for the previous year to December 31st.

    • Receive reports of the activities of the Committee, including status of the Club Equipment, and plans for forthcoming year.

    • Review and agree the amount of any Club subscriptions.

    • Ratify any bye-laws enacted by the Committee since the last meeting

    • Approve this Constitution and any subsequent Constitutions.

  8. A Quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be eight members.

  9. An Extraordinary Meeting shall be convened at any time when requested by four or more members of the Club to the Club Chairman.

  10. The Committee shall be responsible for the day to day affairs of the Club, and shall meet at least Four times per year. A Quorum for the meeting shall be Four Committee members. All decisions shall be minuted.

  11. The Club Treasurer shall be responsible for the control of the Club’s finances and maintenance of accounting records. The Club funds shall be held in a Bank or Building Society Account under the name of the Club. The Account shall require two signatories to authorise any withdrawal. The account authorised signatories shall be: Club Treasurer, President, Club Chairman or any other unrelated member. The accounts are to be independently checked annually prior to the AGM in February.

  12. Authorisation of all expenditure shall be by the Committee and recorded in the relevant minutes. The Committee shall not authorise any expenditure beyond the uncommitted actual funds held in the Club accounts without the prior approval of the Club at an Annual or Extraordinary meeting.

  13. In the event of the Club being wound – up, the assets of the Club shall be liquidated and any monies remaining after the settlement of all just debts shall be credited to the Hampshire County Archery Association. In the event that the monies are insufficient to meet the debt incurred, all members shall bear equal responsibility for the discharge of those debts.