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AGM on Tuesday - don't forget

- by Richard Ellis

Don't forget it's the club AGM on Tuesday.  Fro more details check out details in the diary

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NO SHOOTING - Due to Adverse Weather

- by Richard Ellis

Unfortunately - due to the adverse weather conditions, there is not going to be any shooting at Four Marks today.

To make up for it here is a large picture of a snowman courtesy of Wikipedia:

I hope everyone has a safe Snowday (and maybe make a better snowman than the above)

I'm sorry if this did not appear immediately/earlier when I attempted to post this to the website - this was due to an error my part. - Richard

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FWAG shoot coming up on Sunday

- by Richard Ellis

So far we have the following who have confirmed they intend on shooting (if your name is in the list can you please get in contact and let us know which round and bow type you will require) :

  • Julian Belmonte
  • Grace Belmonte
  • Catherine Fairlamb
  • Tim Gordon Jones, and
  • Steve Hanson

Please see the diary entry for more details. (including a map to the venue)

Also please do let us know if you would like to join them above - or if you can no longer make it,


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Alton & District Sports Council - Grants

- by Richard Ellis

To anyone interested in taking their archery skills as far as they can go - but need a little help to do so - the Alton & District Sports Council have grants available to help achieve financially with achieving this.

To quote their documentation:

"Alton & District Sports Council aims to award grants to clubs and individuals within the Alton area to enable them to develop their sport. The Sports Council has grants/donations already approved by East Hampshire District Council, Alton Town, some parish councils and businesses/individuals for this purpose.

Aim of the grant distribution

The theme is to award grants to assist clubs and members to help them to develop their sports programmes
  • - The Sports Council wishes that the grants w…
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Christmas Shoot tonight!!!

- by Richard Ellis

At Eggar's school

Make sure to bring your most ridiculous Christmas based clothes (jumpers/hats/etc) as we spend the evening shooting at special festive targets made by various club members

(any help setting up from 6:15pm will be appreciated!)

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Don't forget - the Community Forum is up and running!

- by Richard Ellis

Just to let everyone know that we've had a club Forum online for quite a while now.

There were some early teething issues to do with the login that have now been fixed, and it's just waiting for people to start up lot's of exciting archery and club related discussions :D

For instance - if you want to give feedback or ideas on the current website:

Group for discussing possible improvements to the main club website ( as well as somewhere for us to float ideas about possible future improvements ourselves

And these other categories available to all members:

Equipment for Sale
If you have an equipment for sale - feel free to advertise here.
Technical Area
A group for disc…
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Results from the FWAG!!!

- by Richard Ellis

It turned out to be a glorious day on Sunday as the four clubs of Farnham, Woking, Alton and Four Marks (that's us), and Guildford fought valiantly to take home the FWAG club trophy for 2016.

Archers on the line at FWAG 2016 2nd leg

Unfortunately the Alton and Four Marks archers were up against it this year, as we'd been unable to field a team at all for the 1st leg earlier in the year at Guildford and, barring some miracle (such as 4 perfect scores) it was unlikely we'd be taking the trophy home at the end of the day.

That said the Alton Archers (Myself, Dario Alexander, Francis Kinlochan and Paul Leahy) all managed to shoot solid Windsor scores and, although we weren't to bring home the trophy, we did at least come away with the best "Team Windsor" sc…

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Call to Alton Archers!!! One week until FWAG (2nd leg)

- by Richard Ellis

Only one week until the 2nd leg of the FLAG/FWAG shoot!!!!

Unfortunately we failed to put forward a team for the 1st leg in Guildford earlier this year - and it would be really great to make up for it this leg :-D

I've finally updated the event page so you can view further details about the shoot here:

and you can show your interest by either emailing Katie and myself at the usual AFM Archers email address, talking to us at one of the remaining practice sessions before the shoot, or filling in the below form:

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WINGS shoot on Sunday!!

- by Richard Ellis

The "Wings" shoot at Cody Bowmen

Hopefully everyone has let Katie know that they are coming on Sunday, and are prepared to shoot some arrows while watching some planes (but please don't shoot at the Red Arrows). :D

I've put together some quick directions in google maps if anyones interested (though not sure what the best way is to bypass the air show traffic):

Google Maps Directions

If you've not yet entered then you Cody Bowmen may still be able to fit you.  Just fill in the below entry form:


and email it to the Cody Bowmen organiser:

Robert Caldeira-Hankey (

Further details of the event are in our event diary:

Wings shoot event page

I hope to see you there :P

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PAWS shoot coming up!!! Archers needed for A+FM team

- by Richard Ellis

UPDATE :  The assembly for the shoot is at 10am with the shoot to start at 10:15am.

Once more the PAWS shoot is upon us - this is a chance for a friendly team based competition between ourselves and a couple of the local clubs:

Petersfield Archers
Whitehill Archers

All archers are very much welcome - of all levels and experience.

Looks like we've a decent team put together now as follows:

Richard Ellis (that's me!)
Catherine Fairlamb
David Green
Dario Alexander
Melissa Salisbury
Andrew Stickland

Ryan Selby
Aspen Salisbury
Adam Stickland

Further Event Information

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